Our Story

Murchison Treehouse is the brainchild of Daudi Mutalya Balye, a social entrepreneur and Ugandan National and his friends Albert and Robert.

Daudi is passionate about Uganda, its people and their future.

Daudi cares greatly about Uganda’s heritage, traditions, wildlife and landscapes and the future preservation of them all and he is focused on finding ways to re-build a close connection with nature among Ugandans and visitors and to connect current conservation efforts with today’s economic reality.

In 2013 Daudi, together with a close team of entrepreneurial friends, set out to create a sustainable lodge and wilderness experience that would benefit both the local community and economy and at the same time resurrect a strong appreciation of and traditional spiritual reconnection with the natural environment.

A Haven on the Nile

This vision, together with a lot of hard work has resulted in the creation of Murchison Treehouse, an intimate, warm, friendly haven tucked away in the pristine riverine forest and savannah where the Nile starts its descent into Lake Albert.

We invite you to enjoy un-spoilt wilderness from the height of the treehouse (a dream experience for anyone young of mind), from under canvas in forest safari tents, or from the comfort of our thatched cottages, individually tucked away. Whatever your choice, your experience will be entirely unique.

Unwind in our riverside lodge-house, to sound of the Nile hippos. Watch the playful colobus monkeys from comfy sofas, hammocks or fireside and enjoy traditional dishes with a modern twist in our restaurant.