Our Ethos & Approach

We aim to employ local Ugandans and develop their skills in order that they become strong independent contributors to the Ugandan economy, in control of their own economic destiny and in turn share their success with the next generation.

We have a fantastic team working here at the Treehouse and our goal is to enthuse them about the natural environment in which they work; to re-ignite an appreciation of wildlife and a sense of responsibility to it and re-instill a firm belief that life can be led in economic comfort without damage to the nature that formed the spiritual basis of life in Uganda until 100 years ago…

We are passionate about providing a completely natural wilderness experience for our clients and invite them to explore the grounds and woodland (on foot or two wheels) and learn about Uganda’s precious biodiversity

We are honoured to be located on the banks of the Nile where such a close connection to life in and on the river can be made. Living, working and staying here teaches us all – both staff and visitors about respect for our surroundings.

We support the local community through both employment opportunity and providing visitors with the chance to engage in Ugandan traditions and culture.