The following are the activities that can be done in and around Murchison Treehouse in the Murchison Falls Conservation Area.


Game drives

Murchison Falls national park offers exhilarating game drives through the palm dotted savannah grasslands of the northern section. Game drives thus provide the perfect way to get up-close to some of Africa's big game.

Please note you need to use the UWA Ferry to cross river Nile from the south to the north where game drives are taken.

Ferry times are 7:00am,9:00am, 11:00am, 12;00pm, 02:00pm,04:00PM,06:00PM and 07:00PM

On your game drive look out for elephants, giraffe, numerous antelopes like jacks on's hartebeest and Uganda Bob as well as the big cats like lions and leopards.


Boat cruise to bottom of Murchison Falls

A trip to Murchison Falls would not be completed without a boat cruise upstream to the bottom of Murchison Falls. On this 2 -3 hour boat trip enjoy the sight of crocodiles, hippopotamus and other game that is drawn to the river. Once at the bottom see the Nile thundering down the narrow gorge.


Murchison Falls National park hosts a phenomenal diversity of birds dwelling from the vast plains and the river banks to the forests. With a bird list of 451 species, MurchisonFalls is a favourite for discerning othinologists who make the journey to see shoebills, standard winged night jars, various kingfishers, bee-eaters the African skimmer and raptors such as the African Fish eagle and the martial eagle.


Chimpanzee tracking

Enjoy the exhilarating experience of tracking our close relatives the chimpanzees on foot in Budongo forest. Track one of the numerous families of chimpanzees in the company of a trained wildlife ranger and once found spend up to an hour observing and learning about these intelligent primates. In addition to chimpanzees you will also enjoy seeing numerous forest birds such as the chocolate king fisher as well as monkeys such as black and white colobus monkeys.

Community Walk

Community walks to the neighbouring villages are arranged on request for visitors to get a chance to experience the local villages around the park.


Boat Cruise to the Nile Delta

A boat cruise down river to the delta where the Victoria Nile eases into Lake Albert offers yet another exciting option of exploring Murchison Falls. On this trip expect to see the rare shoebill, hippos, crocodiles and other aquatic wildlife