A Story of Growth!

Growing up in a world where education is gifted to us, it is hard to fully understand the struggles of a country where most of its people were denied an education as a result of the skewed colonial system that has persisted for a long time. Juliet was lucky to get the chance to study hospitality when her parents couldn’t afford tuition for university. Now she has risen above the odds.

She is a natural leader who bursts with creativity and admirable leadership qualities. She resides in Murchison Falls National Park. Although the National Park has thrived due to the increase in tourism, the local people have not received as many benefits from the tourism in the np Juliet like many of her colleagues has learned to turn her obstacles into opportunities. Her outlook on life remains incredibly positive.

She is an optimistic forward-thinker who uses her creativity to create a means of sustenance for herself and those she provides for. One of her many talents is transforming recycled bottle caps into stunning, colourful table mats. Not only has she taught herself to make these gems, she also volunteers to teach the women in the community how to also make crafts that they can sell. Her mind is set on helping develop new methods and resources that will enable other people acquire paying skills for financially stability and to remain well-fed. Juliet is leading the team that teaches the local women around the lodge crafts skills so they can supplement their income by creating Ugandan crafts to sell to the lodge. Murchison Treehouse is all about helping people become better versions of themselves. As a result, we hire people like Juliet, train them and equip them with the resources they need to succeed in a country where they were set up to fail due to a lack of opportunities. The beauty of providing opportunities is that it becomes a chain reaction of charitable gestures. “A Development Story in Uganda”