The Lodge

Murchison Treehouse is a Ugandan owned and Ugandan run eco-friendly lodge intimately tucked away in the pristine riverine forest and savannahs bordering Murchison Falls National Park.

In days gone by, unspoilt wilderness on earth was found in abundance – but today it is rare, vulnerable and fragile. There is much to be done to protect these rapidly diminishing areas especially in Africa where the development challenges are ever increasing pressure on the flora and fauna. As such, we set out to conserve by creating unique experiences for our guests in this pristine wilderness while at the same time seeing that the lodge benefits the local community and the Ugandan economy at large through wildlife conservation and inclusive eco-friendly tourism.

We offer various accommodation options ranging from the forest bandas and safari tents to the exquisite thatched canvas cottages and the timeless treehouses, all of which offer the twin virtues of privacy and seclusion in the vast wilderness.

With its proximity to the river, guests at Murchison Treehouse are treated to up-close sightings of the various aquatic wildlife including crocodiles and hippos and to the numerous birds that inhabit the rich river bank habitat. Some of the birds sighted include the rare shoebill, grey crown crested crane.

In the treehouses, the sounds of the Ugandan wilderness lull and soothe when you come awake in the morning, as hippos splash in the water, black and white collubus groan and birds call in the trees. An exclusive and intimate ambiance permeates the lodge affording even the most discerning of travelers to Uganda a truly unique safari experience.

The Main Area

The main area consists of a restaurant, bar and lounge are all pushed out to ensure that the outside bursts in, offering elegant, calm and meditative spaces. The lounge spaces were designed with simple Ugandan traditional minimalist values combined with organic and contemporary.



The bar area offers a fine range of drinks from Ugandan specials like Nile Special to wines and premium spirits. The lounge area offers unrivalled views of the sunset over the river Nile and the blue mountains in the distance.


Uganda is blessed with an abundance of various foods. Uganda's rich soils produce some of the tastiest foods. Many visitors to Uganda will always remember the tasty pineapple, avocado, jack fruit and other organic foods they eat in Uganda. Our kitchen team has taken inspiration from nature to create unique dishes using traditional Ugandan ingredients and European style cooking. Be sure to try our Kidozi special desserts, our avocado salads and other specials we have created for both vegetarians and meat lovers. Meals are served in the dining area by the side of river Nile. Each meal is a graceful culinary event, featuring African-inspired themes and locally sourced ingredients.

Breakfasts are hearty and coffee, tea, cereal, oven fresh breads, juices and tea are on offer.

Lunches and dinner are also served in the same area and are often buffet style. We also cater for various diets, vegetarian, lacto, avo, gluten free etc.

Conservation and the Eco Friendly Approach

We are blessed to inhabit one of the last remaining truly pristine wildlife areas along the river Nile. As such, it has thus always been our duty to preserve the flora and fauna and to ensure the wildlife in the ecosystem thrived. Over the past few years, our efforts have mitigated wildlife-human conflict, mitigated land conversion, sesnitised the local community about the importance of wildlife, helped reduce poaching in the area and protected sensitive species like the shoebill and the Nile crocodile.

We continue to implement innovative ways of operating in the face of growing population and development challenges faced in Uganda. It is only through innovation that we will address the ever growing threats to the wild areas of this part of the world.

The lodge is mainly run on solar power, utilizing the available sun energy to generate enough renewable power to provide the lodge with most of its energy requirements and significantly reduce the site's environmental impact.


Our Staff

All our staff are Ugandans and thus share the unique traditional Ugandan passion for creating extraordinary experiences for guests. and take exceptional pride in this. Our chefs, butlers, housekeepers, security and workshop staff take pleasure in sharing your special moments and indeed are the magic ingredient at Murchison Treehouse.

Their commitment to creating moments that take our guests' breath away is genuine and explains why many have endeavoured to learn and master English as well as other languages so as to better communicate.