Main Area & Cuisine

The main area consists of a restaurant, bar and lounge are all pushed out to ensure that the outside bursts in, offering elegant, calm and meditative spaces. The lounge spaces were designed with simple Ugandan traditional minimalist values combined with organic and contemporary elements.

The bar area offers a fine range of drinks from Ugandan specials like Nile Special to wines and premium spirits. The lounge area offers unrivalled views of the sunset over the river Nile and the blue mountains in the distance.


Uganda is blessed with an abundance of various foods. Uganda's rich soils produce some of the tastiest foods. Many visitors to Uganda will always remember the tasty pineapple, avocado, jack fruit and other organic foods they eat in Uganda. Our kitchen team takes inspiration from nature to create unique dishes using traditional Ugandan ingredients and European style cooking. Be sure to try our Kidozi special desserts, our avocado salads, the jack fruit delights and other specials we have created for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Meals are served in the dining area by the side of river Nile. Each meal is a graceful culinary event, featuring African-inspired themes and locally sourced ingredients.